This company offers the most comprehensive online booking system in Iran, connecting to 384,000 hotels in 36,000 tourism routes.

The start of the collection is from the year 2000, which currently provides over 10,000 online users in B2B and B2C services.

These services include hotel, flight, tour, insurance and transfer, which are provided 24 hours a day and 7 days a week according to users' needs, including connecting to the port, receiving tickets, watcher and all that is required by the user will give.

Currently, in most companies and airlines, customers register their application after choosing a tourism destination or plane ticket, and after reviewing the application by the broker, the final installment and registration is made, but we are proud to give our users ease. We provide a comprehensive online reservation system that registers and finalizes the application directly and without interruption in the system.

This system, in two ways B2B means the company's business with the company and B2C, will mean the company's business with the final consumer, which will be provided to target users in both service systems and special incentive schemes.

Our intention is to provide diverse tourism services in different areas according to user requirements and reduce costs by removing intermediaries for organizations, companies, airline agencies and home customers.

Phone: +9821-43903

Address: Unit 1, No. 118 , Sepehr St. , Shahrak-e Gharb , Tehran